As an interior designer, I am so lucky to have colleagues and associates with an abundance of talent from whom I continuously draw inspiration. Each year, I take the time to venture away from my Yorkshire roots to meet and reacquaint myself with my industry delving...

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Redesigning your home is an exciting decision but can also feel daunting. The initial excitement about making your home really work for you can quickly give way to overwhelm, as you realise that there are a million decisions to be made, from crafting the general...

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As every new year begins, we inevitably turn our thoughts to what are set to be the key trends of the next 12 months. But I hear your ask - why should our interiors be led by an annual mood shift? At AMC Design, we believe your home should reflect your personality for...

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Though the snow has temporarily passed, it is absolutely winter outside. Here in Yorkshire, the wind is whipping up the moor, frost is on the ground and we are all wrapping-up warm against the cold. Inside, however, is our haven away from the winter chill. The fire is...

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AMC Design SBID Win


News update! AMC Design has been awarded the overall winner award of the Residential Budget Up to £50,000 category at the prestigious SBID International Design Awards. Receiving the accolade at the awards ceremony held at the five star Landmark Hotel in London on...

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We have been shortlisted as a finalist in the Interior Design Practice category of the coveted 2023 Northern Design Awards and in the Residential Budget Up to £50,000 category of the SBID International Design Awards. Having received a record number of entries, the...

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AMC Design’s creative team has expanded, with new designer Karen Lilleyman. A Yorkshire native, Karen has an unmatched creative passion, and like AMC Design founder Ann Marie Cousins, she began her career practicing law. She originally studied French at Nottingham...

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There is nothing more exciting, and daunting, than the renovation of a home. We all dream of the perfect Eden, our idyll of personal creativity behind our front door, which perfectly reflects each aspect of our personality. Whilst for some, the thought of actually...

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Bright colours used in a light setting create a feast for the eyes


How we react to colour  Colour plays an inherent part in the human psyche. There are widely held beliefs that colours can evoke emotions ranging from the anger of red, to the pacifying tones of green, but I feel there is another force at play – the psychology of...

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Home improvements: realistic costs for 2022

A few weeks ago there was an article in The Guardian about building projects and the costs which might be involved. It was great to see a national paper talking about how prices for materials continue to fluctuate, and how to mitigate the risk of...

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Wishing you a Happy Christmas and New Year from AMC Design

Merry Christmas! It’s been one heck of a year, hasn’t it? If I Iook back though, I can honestly say that I just feel so lucky to have worked with so many amazing clients, homes and trades. I’ve loved seeing clients embrace bold design ideas, happy to be nudged and...

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Northern Design Awards Finalists

November celebrations and teenage bedrooms November isn’t usually a month associated with words like fun and celebration, that’s December’s job, but we’re making an exception this time round. Not only have we welcomed Erin to the AMC Design team, but we’ve been...

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vibrant yellow accent chair piled with patterned cushions in front of a floor to ceiling window. Turquise sofa just seen to the left, more cushions on the floor to the right.

How to be bold and brave with your interiors!

Summer madness Forget the school summer holiday juggle for a few minutes and catch up on the latest from AMC Design, including a few tips on how to be brave and bold with your interiors! Hello, how are you?We’re three weeks into the six-week school summer holiday and...

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Office in a barn conversion with two banks of desks and office chairs. Lots of colour - a navy ceiling, brightly coloured cabinets and drawers in hot pink and a vibrant yellow

How to bring colour and vibrancy into the office

How to bring colour and vibrancy into the office Is it just me or are we are hurtling towards the summer and the end of another school year? Add in the lifting of Covid restrictions in a few weeks’ time and it feels like we’re heading into another period of adjustment...

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Interiors news: a riot of colour

Interiors news: a riot of colour June? Really, we’re at the end of June already? I mean thank God for the blue skies and sun after a dismal May but I’m struggling to work out how we’ve ended up here.  Swapping God's own for the big smoke One thing I definitely...

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Geometric wallpaper and a bright yellow sofabed brings gives just a nod to his team loyalty for this young Leeds fan.

Design details: Dressing your windows with style

How to balance style and function to create a beautiful window Hello! How are you? How have you been these past few weeks? We’ve had glorious sunshine and warmth in Yorkshire, perfect timing for the latest round of lockdown easing, followed by weather that would be...

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Bedroom with cheetash wallpaper and rich greens

Have a great night’s sleep – a master bedroom makeover

How to create a haven of peace and tranquility Is it me or did March disappear quickly? I mean daffodils are springing up everywhere, Easter’s round the corner and the children have had three weeks back at school. Add in the vaccine roll-out and there definitely seems...

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Gold trim adds interest to this inky green island and complements the gold handles and pendant lights

How to create a lighting scheme for your home

Let's shine a light in all the right places How are you? What a weird, tough start to 2021. New Year really feels like a lot longer than two weeks ago doesn’t it, but you know what? I don’t want to dwell on the headlines because this blog is a distraction. It’s an...

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Living room with decorated Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas 2020 style!

Merry Christmas, 2020 style! By this stage in December, I’m normally packing for our annual Christmas trip back to Ireland, but like so many, our plans are different this year. For those whose Christmas plans have been thrown into disarray by the change in rules and...

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Contemporary living room green walls, teal blue sofa, sideboard with statement lamp

The Power of Paint

The Power of Paint In a bid to bring some cheer to our lives, this month’s blog is all about being brave with colour.  From beige to green: a living room transformed Colour is something that I’m known for in my interiors design schemes and my clothing. I mean, I’m sat...

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Orange upholstered sofa against a deep navy painted wall. Patterned cushion and lampshade on a side table

Fancy some colour & interiors chat?

Bringing colour, cheer and interiors chat into your lives I’ve blogged occasionally over the years, but as keeping in touch becomes more important than ever, I thought I’d dust off the laptop and write to you. Welcome to my November 2020 blog. Behind the scenes After...

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A collection of antique mirrors above a well loved Chesterfield makes for a cosy sitting room

Gallery walls- part 1

Gallery walls- part 1 Also known as how to do a gallery wall without driving yourself potty. My guide to gallery walls Choose pictures you loveThis might seem obvious, but gallery walls are all about you. This is where you get to show off your child's treasured...

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A gallery wall is a great way to display family photos and art collected on holiday

Gallery walls – part 2

My top tips for gallery walls- part 2 Also known as how to avoid driving yourself crazy when creating a gallery wall Gallery walls 101 Which gallery wall? In my first blog I talked you through the first steps in putting your gallery wall together. This is where I go...

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