We Create Homes That Blend Practicality with Beautiful Design

We turn houses into homes that reflect the personalities of those who live there through the use of pattern, texture and colour.

Our team, made up of Ann Marie, Rebecca, and Karen, work together to ensure projects run smoothly and designs are executed flawlessly.

We work hand in hand with our suppliers to find the best solution for you and work closely with a team of specialist trades to implement your project.

Founder Ann Marie’s Journey
to Interior Design

Ann Marie Cousins is the founder of AMC Design. Her interest in interiors was sparked at the tender age of eight when she met a designer and realised that his working day involved selecting fabric and paint colours.

After earning her master’s degree in law and pursuing a career as a lawyer, Ann Marie rediscovered her love and natural talent for interior design when she bought her first home. She realised that many skills she had developed while obtaining her advanced degree and working in the legal field, such as understanding clients’ needs, managing complex projects, and being highly organised, were equally crucial in the world of interior design.

To learn more about Ann Marie’s inspiring journey and her successful career in interior design, check out her interview in Designerati.

Meet The Team

Ann Marie

After a successful career in law, where she specialised in high value fraud cases, Ann Marie decided to combine her love of getting to know her clients with her creativity and launched AMC Design in 2014.


Bringing her best sass and determination to work every day, Rebecca tackles all aspects of interior design with her customary good humour and organisation. Coming from a property and retail background, and now in her fifth year at AMC Design, Rebecca likes to mix design flair with common sense and can often be found knee-deep in cushions and trimmings.


After a 12 year career as a commercial litigation lawyer in London, Karen moved to the US in 2014. She retrained in interior design with the New York Institute of Art & Design and began working with an established designer in Reno, Nevada. On returning to her native Yorkshire in 2022, she was delighted to join the team at AMC Design.