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Ann Marie & team

I love to bring a home to life by blending function and eye catching design. I specialise in mixing colour, pattern and texture with effective and efficient use of space that transforms houses into homes that truly reflect the people living there.

Based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire I founded AMC Design in 2014 but began dabbling in interior design long before I made it my career of choice. Over the years, my business has gone from strength to strength growing through word of mouth. I have a flexible way of working which lets clients select the level of support they need because no two clients or projects are the same. Check out my services page to see how I can help you or my blog for my thoughts on colour, plants and all things interior.

Rebecca works with me in my studio in central Ilkley to ensure projects run smoothly and that clients are looked after. I have a network of highly experienced and reputable tradespeople and suppliers that I have worked with for many years, including projects in my own home.

How we do what we do

Every scheme is all about our clients and so the first thing we do is really get to know them.  I tried to do this with a questionnaire which covered all bases, but I realised what I really valued, and what really helps me is to just have a good chat with my clients. So that’s where I start. I ask them what they like or dislike about their home and we talk a lot about how they live and how they will use the space. Because there’s no point in me designing a beautiful dining room that will get used once a year for Christmas, when the whole family is crammed into a tiny kitchen the rest of the year. 

Then we talk about what’s staying. Because most people have pieces of furniture which are staying. Either because they are much loved pieces with a story. Or just because they are big pieces which were only bought a few years earlier and so it doesn’t make sense to replace them.

Next is when we start to think about the fun stuff. So we talk about favourite interiors in restaurants and hotels and we check out Pinterest and Instagram. Or even delve into my huge magazine stash, so that we can start to pull out ideas. 

And then we have another chat. And we talk about all kinds of stuff. About how they like to socialise and what hobbies they have. And whether they have elderly family members who visit often and need accessible seating, small children whose plastic toys need to be hidden or whether their children are students who will be coming back after university and need places to hang out with their friends. 

Oak floors and off white walls complement the pops of colour in this busy family dining room
AMC design Ann Marie Cousins

My Route To Interior Design

You know, I’ve always been all about the chat.  I’ve always loved meeting people and finding out what makes them tick.  I remember way back in the early 80s my mum meeting an interior designer to look at the Sanderson books and choosing matching wallpaper and fabric (natch. Super stylish in about 1985, along with my peach sweatshirt and Deirdre Barlow style glasses. Always a style maven, me), and thinking that it must be an awesome job to look at fabrics and colours and make someone’s home look lovely.

As a child, one of my favourite things was going to art class on Saturday mornings, which I did for 10 years, so there was always a creative itch that I needed to scratch. But I don’t think any of us viewed my interest in art as being serious or a possible career, and so I ended up studying law, and specialised in commercial litigation. Which isn’t as crazy as it sounds, because there’s lots of variety and problem solving in litigation, and because I like building relationships with people. This is also true for interior design.So I learnt a lot from my days in law. But ultimately, that seed of an idea from way back in 1985 couldn’t be ignored any more, and I made the jump from law to interior design and I haven’t looked back.

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