Ann Marie Cousins Interior Designer Ilkley

Ann Marie

I love to bring a home to life by blending function and eye catching design. I specialise in mixing colour, pattern and texture with effective and efficient use of space that transforms houses into homes that truly reflect the people living there.

Based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire I founded AMC Interior Design in 2014 but began dabbling in interior design long before I made it my career of choice. Over the years, my business has gone from strength to strength growing through word of mouth. I have a flexible way of working which lets clients select the level of support they need because no two clients or projects are the same.

The team

Rebecca works with me in my studio in central Ilkley to ensure projects run smoothly and that clients are looked after. I have a network of highly experienced and reputable tradespeople and suppliers that I have worked with for many years, including projects in my own home.

My Route To Interior Design

I remember my mum meeting an interior designer to look at the Sanderson books and choosing wallpaper before I hit double digits! I remember at the time thinking that it must be an awesome job to look at fabrics and colours and make someone’s home look lovely.

As a child, one of my favourite things was going to art class on Saturday mornings, which I did every weekend from about 8 to 18, so there was always a creative itch that I needed to scratch. And whilst I used to regularly shop for art supplies with my dad, I don’t think any of us viewed my interest in art as being serious or a possible career, it always played second fiddle to my schoolwork.

That’s why I ended up studying law and specialising in commercial litigation mainly because there’s lots of variety and problem solving, and I like building relationships with people. This is also true for interior design. But ultimately, the creative itch won over law and I became an interior designer and I haven’t looked back.

If you’d like to have a chat about how I can help you, please give me a shout on 01943 700 125 or email me on

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