Winter Is Here – Let’s Get Cosy

10 Dec 2023

Though the snow has temporarily passed, it is absolutely winter outside. Here in Yorkshire, the wind is whipping up the moor, frost is on the ground and we are all wrapping-up warm against the cold.

Inside, however, is our haven away from the winter chill. The fire is roaring, our fluffy socks are on, and this season, as the Scandinavians would say, is all about hunkering down in true comfort with good people.

When preparing our home for the winter, yes there is the all-important festive period to think about, but the coldest season is much longer than just the 12 days of Christmas.

Our home is our sanctuary away from the cold, so our interiors must reflect what makes us feel warm inside and out.

Here are our Top Tips for cosying up your home this winter:

  1. Layer your lighting

The light from wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps is usually softer and more diffused than overhead light and has a cosier feel, particularly on winter evenings. So, turn off your chandelier and spotlights and use these indirect light sources. The colour and strength of the light will also have a huge effect on how warm your space feels.

Blue-white light can feel cold and harsh, whereas yellow-white light feels soothing and warm. Choose light bulbs which are lower in Kelvins (the measuring unit of light temperature) at around 2,500 to 3,000 Kelvins, to ensure your wall lights and lamps contribute to the cosiness. And of course, if you have a real flame fire, not only will it generate heat, but its glow will add to the atmosphere, as will candles and lanterns.

  1. Mirrored surfaces

The lack of light at this time of year can make us feel cold and uninspired. Mirrors and mirrored surfaces will bounce light around and create a warmer glow, especially if we use them as foundation for other light sources, for instance candles on a mirrored tray.

  1. Use different textures

A faux fur throw on a boucle sofa will feel much more inviting on a winter’s night than leather seating or other hard surfaces. Of course, you cannot discard a beautiful Chesterfield for the winter months, but adding some natural fabrics on top of it will warm it up and add depth.

  1. A lick of paint

Certain paint colours will make you shiver, while others will make you feel enveloped and nurtured. Ideally you will have considered this when decorating (even if you did so at the height of summer!). But how a colour will look and feel at different times of day and year is a major consideration when selecting your scheme. In Britain, a north facing room will get limited light and will benefit most from warmer colours, which range from chocolate browns to dusty rose and myriad of hues in between.

  1. Accessorise wisely

A bare, unfinished room will always feel a little cold and empty. By layering accessories such as art, books, plants, ornaments, you will add depth and interest to the space and make it truly feel like home.

  1. Don’t neglect the floor

If your search for an area rug has been relegated to the bottom of your to-do list, think again. If you can’t stretch to underfloor heating, a rug will add another layer of insulation and increase the sense of cohesion and cosiness in a room, particularly if it is made (at least in part) of wool, silk or other natural fibres. Always use a rug pad for extra warmth and staying power, particularly if you’re layering the rug on top of a carpet.

And when you’re all cosy and comfy, don’t forget to grab yourself a warm drink, light the fire and enjoy.