What to do when you love lots of styles

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No longer does every room in your home have to match, or even have just one style in a room. Homes with multiple styles adding layers and interest are more inviting and dynamic. If you have fallen in love with more than one style – be confident and combine them. Modern furniture pieces with antiques, bright and bold colours with monochrome, or abstracts combined with classics, they are all possible when done right.



Colour can be used to combine a large number of styles, whether the colour is bright and bold, or subtle pastels.

Use colour to tie together items from a different era – hang a modern shelving unit above an antique desk of a similar colours. A vibrant blue hue on the wall will unit the two and show confidence and personality.

Antique pieces are great value for money and can be brought bang up to date with a fresh lick of paint. Sand down an old dining room set, and make it your own with your favourite paint. Even re-cover the seat pads with new fabrics to combine the colour of the chairs with colours in the room. Voila! A great quality and unique piece is yours!

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Contemporary with Classic Furniture

The best way of combining contemporary and classic is through pieces of art or accessories. Traditional furniture and decorations are popular because they create a safe and comfortable atmosphere. But it’s time to embrace the new traditionalist: add an abstract art piece in an eye-catching position within the home, using hints of colour from the accessories for furnishings in the room, and top it all off with some rich cushions in a contemporary fabric.

You’d rather have a modern room but love traditional art pieces? No problem – just swap it around and create a wall gallery of classic art pieces to complement modern furnishings.

Use accessories to add that ‘WOW’ factor in a traditionally styled room. A contemporary, glam chandelier in a classic country kitchen will do just that, and create a great focal point. Just make sure the details are all in sync – so stick to similar colours or shapes if you’re going to blend styles.


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Balance and Scale

No matter what styles you choose to combine, just make sure they balance each other correctly, and are on a similar scale. The last thing you want is to have spindle dining room chairs, combined with a large chunky modern block table. The same goes for blending styles – think about how your eclectic elements will work, so that you don’t end up with a room split down the middle style wise, with half mid century and half cutting edge contemporary design.

Another tip is don’t leave furniture pieces on their own in the same room. When combining styles in the dining room for example, make sure to use at least 2 chairs of each style to avoid a chair looking the odd man out. Their shape and lines need to match also, so that it looks like a conscious choice, and not just that you’ve got lots of hand-me-downs that don’t match.

Don’t be afraid to combine your favourite styles, and mix them up when the mood takes you. The trick is to find one common element to hold it all together, so that the rest of it works together. So mix antiques with new, but don’t go crazy with pattern and colour all at once. If you like to mix it up, colourwise, keep the larger items of furniture pretty simple so that the colours are not fighting with the furniture.

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