What Does 2024 Have In Store?

14 Jan 2024

As every new year begins, we inevitably turn our thoughts to what are set to be the key trends of the next 12 months.

But I hear your ask – why should our interiors be led by an annual mood shift?

At AMC Design, we believe your home should reflect your personality for the long term, not just for the next 12 months, so when we begin the process of creating a stand-out interiors scheme, we explore what makes you and your family tick – from where and what you like to eat, to what sports you like, what films you watch, what hobbies you are into and what magazines you read. All of this information, unique to your family, will feed into a scheme that makes your house feel like a home.

If you are looking for inspiration and are interested in what we are looking forward to from the world of interiors this year, then fear not, we have a few ideas we’d love to share:


Your choice of art and creative pieces is often a direct reflection of what you love, and what makes your heart sing. But rather than using your living room as your answer to the Saatchi Gallery with lines and lines of symmetrical pieces, thoughtfully organise your beloved pieces into blocks, tied together by theme, or type, which will create interest. It is also fun to allocate your art by room, with themes telling a story as they lead you from room to room.

Add texture to wall spaces:

Wallpaper has seen a joyful resurgence over the past 12 months and we are thrilled! Using a combination of paint and wallpaper can create depth and texture in a space. Utilise this combination in alcoves and recesses to make a room feel bigger, but at the same time cosier. It is also a wonderful way to add personality and joie de vivre through the choice of print.


At AMC Design, we love geometrics and a dash can really liven a space. Whilst an abundance of geometric designs can be overkill, we believe in balancing the structure of these unique designs with softness elsewhere. This is a trend we are sure is here to stay.


Gloriously deep aubergines and purples, such as Farrow and Ball’s Brinjal, are a firm fixture in our future. They are such underrated colours and can bring a warmth unlike any other to a space. We see this tone being used for statement pieces, such as a kitchen island, or as a feature wall to enhance a more neutral scheme.

What’s more, interesting neutrals and warm whites are also on the way up, and we’re finding lots of curiosity for neutral wallpapers, such as Arte, Studio Dean and Eijffinger. These add a subtle sense of luxe to our clients’ homes and can be a cornerstone to any scheme.

Image courtesy of Farrow & Ball


Are there any trends you’ve seen that interest you? Get in touch here now to discuss your plans for your home in 2024.