Where it all began…

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My interiors journey began a long time ago, when I first pestered my mum to let me paint over the 1980s floral wallpaper I’d grown up with. But now I wonder whether it’s  time for a revival of 1980s style. In fact, I was browsing wallpapers recently for a client, and found the wallpaper from my childhood home which has been reissued as a vintage paper*.

If that’s not enough to make me feel aged, I don’t know what is…..

* it’s Sanderson Suva in rust/red, if you’re interested.

In the same way that the food of your childhood makes you feel all warm inside, despite knowing as an adult that it was full of e-numbers and nasties, I can’t help but love this paper.

Suva wallpaper by Sanderson
Suva wallpaper by Sanderson

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