Pantone colour of the year: fresh and lovely, or Kermit green?

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Pantone colour of the year


Every year the Pantone Colour Institute publishes its colour of the year to advise brands about trends and colours, and this year it has chosen this bright, leaf green, called Greenery.

So far, it has had a bit of a mixed reception- some hail it as a beautiful fresh colour and welcome breath of  fresh air.

While others feel it has an unavoidable resemblance to a certain famous frog.




“Ann Marie pushed me outside of my comfort zone in terms of thinking about new colours that I would never have considered if I had been working alone.


The result is that we are going to end up with something amazing that I could never have achieved without Ann Marie’s help. I cannot recommend her services enough.”


KD, Manchester


Changing our homes so that they come to life and reflect our taste is a journey which can sometimes take us to places we don’t anticipate. This is what I do: I bring your personality and taste to your home, so that it is filled with life & character.



So, what do I think about it all and how can I see it being used for AMC design’s clients?

1.            Shake it up


The great thing about the Pantone Colour Institute is that it shakes things up a bit and forces us to question our assumptions about our likes and dislikes. It’s all to easy to fall back on default colours or styles, so challenging ourselves can only be a good thing.


Greens have been creeping into interiors over the last few years, as the love of mid-century design grows.


Mooi chair by Marcel Wanders






  2.            Use it sparingly


A whole room in bright green might be too much if you’ve never strayed far from Wimborne White. But as this striking photo from shows, a shot of colour can transform a striking space into one that is really exceptional.




3.            Trust that tastes change


Years ago, I realised that people are open to most colours. Except yellow, which a lot of people claimed to dislike. But stray into any interiors shop or open a magazine and you’ll see yellow has been warmly embraced as a great way to give a shot of colour.

So maybe it is time for us to be open to change?



4.Try it in small doses at first


Magazines from fashion to interiors will feature this fresh and spring-like colour, as they show us how it can rejuvenate our wardrobe and our homes.


A sprig of green hyacinth in a vase and a green tea light can brighten a dark window ledge without an excessive commitment, as seen here where green ornaments and plants bring life to this refreshing bathroom from







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