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Getty Images, White House refurb 2017

(Politics aside), it looks like Donald Trump is just like the rest of us: having moved house, he wanted to make it his own. And while some of the comments have been less than gushing about the completed works, there are a couple of interesting points.

First of all, while $3.4m is a huge budget by any measure, a large amount of the work carried out involved upgrading the services to the West Wing, including air conditioning and IT. Though choosing new carpet and wallpaper is much more fun than e.g. deciding the spec of your air con units, it will make your life much more comfortable if you get the infrastructure right first. And sorting out the services first means you don’t have to rip it all out later when the air con finally goes (or, more likely in the UK, that the vintage wiring in your house finally gives in, or the Victorian plumbing fails). If you have to prioritise work, always sort out the structure and services first.

Secondly, consider the function of the space being redecorated. While commentators might not like Trump’s choice of carpet, it is a good idea to consider how much traffic a carpet will bear in selecting colours and styles. Flatweaves like Roger Oates are beautiful, but will wear and are difficult to patch, while a traditional twist with a very small speckled pattern is easier to live with, particularly if it is a high traffic area or you have small children or pets.

Thirdly, there’s lots to be commend in the choice DT made. Or at least be grateful that he didn’t use the same interior designer as he used when he decided to refurb his NY home…..


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