Making your home feel warm, without going bankrupt

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As anyone who has ever met me knows, I am naturally a cold person, and the few days of sunshine we had mid April was a beautiful start to spring. But then the cold weather came back with a vengeance, and I was back to wearing 2 t-shirts, a jumper and a cardi to keep warm! If you are anything like me, then decorating your home to keep you cosy is a must, yet also adaptable to those cooler days throughout our unpredictable seasons.


Layer and texture a room


When it’s cold we naturally layer up with knitted jumpers and scarves, and the same approach applies in your home. A plethora of throws, cushions and rugs in a combination of textures add warmth to any room. Add a chunky knit blanket to the back of the sofa, or over an armchair, so that it looks cost and is a great way to add warmth if it draws in. Yorkshire based Alba Lily Artisan, have a beautiful collection of luxury handmade merino wool throws & blankets to match any décor, and are well worth checking out. And as an added plus, throws and blankets are a great (commitment free) way to add colour to your space which, of course, is a must in my book.

AMC, Alba Lily, Wool Blankets
Image credit: Alba Lily Artisan


Complement those chunky knitted blankets with matching textured cushions to make a cosy nest either on your sofa, chair or even on the floor when your children’s friends come over for movie night.



Warming Accessories


Love hardwood or tiled floors, but sometimes it seems a bit nippy underfoot? You don’t need to replace them with carpet to warm your home, just add a rug or two instead. A textured shaggy or sheepskin rug not only adds a feeling of cosiness to a room, but they also feel amazing on your toes compared to the cool wooden floor. From a practical point of view rugs also reduce draughts and help to protect your floors so that they look better for longer.

In the bedroom select a cosy throw for the end of the bed, and introduce rich jewel colours to a neutral room. This instantly lifts the mood and creates layers of warmth.


AMC design, Hayes Lisa, Colin Poole
Image credit: Colin Poole Photography for AMC Design


Give off a glow with your lighting, but again remember to keep it layered. Think carefully about your ambient, task and accent lighting. With perfectly placed lamps and a mix of light & opaque shades you can make a space feel cosy but still have the ability to read or just sit and relax….something I don’t do enough of!! Surprisingly the colour of your light bulb is also just as important as the lighting you choose. Light bulb colour is measured by Kelvins, so be sure to use a bulb with between 2,700-3,000 K which will give you a warm orange/red glow. Once you get to 5000 K the colour is a more bluish white and a lot cooler….definitely a no-no in when you want to feel cosy and relaxed!


DAR Lighting, AMC Design, Interior Design
Image credit: DAR Lighting


You can even use your furniture itself to create a warmer atmosphere. A rustic cabinet, leather chair, or woodburning stove all contribute to the homeliness of a room. Textured furnishings such as a sumptuous velvet sofa or an elegant button upholstered bedhead will not only look stylish, but will feel cosy when snuggled up on a chilly evening.

Add elements of brass and rose gold, which are bang on trend at the moment, to complete the look. A statement mirror, calming candles or stylish bedside tables all add to the ambience.


Graham Brown, AMC Design, Interior Design, Lighting
Image credit: Graham Brown


Don’t forget colour too! Rich hues in a cool north facing room help to give a perception of cosiness, normally those with a red base are the best ones to go for. Then by adding layers of deeper colours, even warm greys & charcoals, and different textures, the space suddenly takes on a much softer feel. I especially love the metallic wallpapers that are around at the moment, which help to bounce light around the room but also give a touch of glamour at night.

If you need a helping hand decorating your home this spring, please feel free to get in touch and I will be more than happy to help you create a warm and cosy home 52 weeks of the year!

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