Be brave with your interiors!

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When browsing glossy interiors mags, lots of people are drawn to the strong colour combinations featured, but feel nervous of introducing them into their own homes. Instead they stick to the tried-and-tested options of a painted feature wall, a large geometric light shade, a couple of contrasting small scatter cushions. But being brave and opting for bold colours doesn’t have to mean over the top, and taking those safe options a little further will bring your interiors to life.

Go bold with colour

Colour doesn’t have to be bold and singular in a room, you can create a gentle rainbow throughout your home combining soft pastels, or contrasting deep colours. Colours do not have to be limited to the walls or the furniture. Take a look at these lamps: I had some leftover spray paint from a previous project and a bunch of old lamp bases. Some new shades and an hour or two with the spray paint and they were transformed- a quick and unique way of adding colour in to a room. Another way to introduce colour is your walls cream or white and decorate them up with bold artwork that compliment the other colours in the room.

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Use layers

Who says you need only 2 scatter cushions on a sofa? Odd numbers always work well. Try a good mix of 5 cushions. A theme I worked on recently in a large Victorian sitting room saw me bring together bold tomato orange, midnight blue and steel grey against a deep blue velvet sofa. These rich colours helped to add warmth and texture to this large room and at the same time made it feel cosy and more homely. Be brave, it will give your seating a new lease of life!

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Accessories do not mean clutter. You can subtly add eye catching points throughout your home with the correct accessories. These can include rugs, storage, plants, clocks and other decorative ornaments. Unique photo frames can create a mini gallery of memories, while also adding a splash of colour. Bring a bit of nature inside with an unusual ‘statement’ vase instead of your typical clear glass version. Think about the colour, shape and purpose of the piece – is it to stand alone as a centre piece or will it hold a sumptuous arrangement of seasonal blooms? If you go for the latter, once the flowers, or plants, are in situ the impact of the vase is subdued yet still noticeable.

Take a chance and go further with your interior design without leaving your comfort zone too far behind.

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