Interior Design - Be brave with colour!

It’s time to be brave and embrace colour in your home!

A G plan sideboard was painted a vibrant orange to complement the Designers' Guild blind

Start small

The two things I always talk to new clients about are lighting and using colour. 

But first, my favourite thing: colour. Lots of people default to neutral colours, and I’ve used grey as a backdrop in my house, so I’m not adverse to it, but adding colour is a great way to add warmth and personality to your home. It might feel scary at first, but trust me, it’s worth it. 

So start small. First, add brighter accessories – cushions, throws and art. Then, when you’ve started to see that colour is really brightening up your home, think about going bold in a small room, like the downstairs loo. For one thing, you get a quick result so it’s a great way to be brave before you bottle it, and persuade yourself that you really fancy a spot of magnolia.

Second thing to think about is how colour looks in different rooms. My home office is north facing, so colours which look light and fresh in my south facing bedroom look washed out here. That’s why you need to order paint samples before cracking on with painting (however impatient you are to get going. Or is that just me?!).

As you may have seen on my social media feed recently, I’ve repainted my home office. And the colour which I was *sure* would be lovely when I saw it on screen looked really off in real life. So, though it’s a bit of a drag, get a paint sample, paint a huuuuuuge sample (at least A1 – lining paper is great for this), then live with it for a few days.

Go for it!

Next, think about the size of the room, and what you can’t change. My home office is in the attic, so the wall colour is interrupted by the pitched ceiling, and it has a pale grey carpet. A bold colour broken up by a pitched ceiling is a great way to dip your toe into the waters. On top of that, my white office furniture breaks up the bold pink I’ve gone for. It’s looking great already, though it’s not quite finished, as I still need accessories and art.

Of course, all of this has to reflect your style and your personality. So if everything in your wardrobe is simple and elegant, a funky, vibrant interior is not going to feel like home. But also don’t settle for the things you default to. It’s the same as choosing a great outfit – by adding a brilliant necklace to jeans and a top, and then add a bag and some earrings (which you thought might *just* be a bit much), that you look amazing and knock the socks off everyone you meet. 

Ditto for interiors. Go further than you think. Be brave. And embrace colour. Don’t be scared when halfway through all you can see are the painted walls, staring back at you. Once your furniture and art are in, it will all come together. And it will look amazing. Because when you go beyond your comfort zone is when you find the real magic.

Gold trim adds interest to this inky green island and complements the gold handles and pendant lights
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