How nature can rock your world!

May 27, 2020

Nature’s rock stars

Alex Murgatroyd from Wild & Green on why we should all add plants to our interiors

Nature Rocks

We all know nature rocks. We have been embracing mother nature’s gifts during lockdown and how this has brought us calm, tranquillity and hope during such a turbulent time. 

House plants have been the stars of the interior world for the cool kids. But do you really know what nature can do for you in your home and workplace?

Biophilia is where it’s at

Biophilia is a key word right now in the plant world. The philosophy of biophilia is connected to nature therapy or green therapy, which is based on the belief that we are all connected to and impacted by our natural environment. Green therapy allows us to discover our relationship with nature.

Research has highlighted the positive effects of building a relationship with nature. Studies show that just a glimpse of the outdoors from a window or even a photograph can boost your overall mood, mental health, physical health, and life satisfaction. Office workers who can view nature from a window had a higher job satisfaction compared to those without this view (Rachel Kaplan).  Adding flowers and plants to a workplace can be beneficial for a worker’s creativity, productivity and flexible problem solving.

Plants heal us on so many levels, and there is no denying that house plants make us happier and healthier. As well as purifying the air, they replenish oxygen, introduce a change in atmosphere, lift our mood and reduce stress levels. The act of caring for a plant is reflected in our own self-care and can bring a routine to daily life. 

soothing and styling

From an interior’s perspective, plants can soothe harsh lines and surfaces, blur boundaries, and soften the acoustics of a room.  Styling and designing with plants can be a rewarding experience and gives you options to play with shape, colour, texture and containers.  

Plants do so much for us, but how do you care for them? When choosing a plant for your home or workspace you should consider light, humidity, space and how much care you can give each plant in terms of watering, pruning, repotting and feeding. Think about keeping it green by using environmentally friendly  pots and plastic packaging. Consider your confidence levels: if plants are a new thing, start with something small that needs very little care and work your way up as your confidence grows.    

So, what’s not to love? Bring some green therapy into your life and let it rock your world!

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